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Greg and Steve met as performers on the Barbara Mandrell Show for Krofft Entertainment and then teamed as writers for Hanna-Barbera. Their combined skills brought them to the attention of Mattel Toys in 1984. Signed to a three-year creative contract, they wrote stories and characters for Mattel's R&D. Creative contributions were made to Barbie, Hot Wheels, Wheeled Warriors and infant toys. One high-profile project was the production and performance of a puppet-animated special for Mattel's hugely popular Popples toy line.

As puppeteers, Steve and Greg had a five-year run on CBS Saturday morning's Beakman's World that followed a six-year weekly run on ABC as Capt. O.G. Readmore, host of the ABC Weekend Specials. They have also performed and created puppets for Pee-Wee's Playhouse and CBS Saturday morning series Riders in the Sky. They have worked as lead puppeteers with Jim Henson's Muppets and Oscar-winning special effects and makeup artist, Rick Baker.

Williams & Sherman have received Emmy nominations for their work on Krofft Entertainment's DC Follies and a Citation for Excellence from the International Society of Puppeteers (UNIMA) for their work on Beakman's World.

Combining traditional puppetry with the latest developments in animatronics and computer animation, they continue to refine their technique in the art of puppet animation.