Professor Lazlow Puppet
Katy Perry Tour 2011
Cher at the Colissuem
Princess Cruises
Lois Young "Pancakes"
  An Evening with Peggy Lee
  Bette Midler Experience the Divine
  Hollywood Bowl
  Puppet Mania 2000
  Magic Mountain
  Holland American Cruise Line
Professor Laslow - LucasArts
Professor Crunch and the Daffies
Magical Music Express
Fire and the Witch
A Tale of a TV Mouse

Hark! The Safety Fairy Sing

Land of Pleasant Dreams
America's Story
  Yucky Guts
  A Boy and His Books
  Toy Programming
  Mattel Toys
  Hasbro/Tiger Electronics
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Puppeteers in Furby Land

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Village People puppets  on stage at Caesar's Palace